December CSA Share: 2016

December CSA Share: 2016

What's in a Winter Share?

Winter Shares are one share size, equivalent to a Standard Share, taking 7 items each time. Here's what we intend to offer:

  • Fresh from the Hoophouse

    • Swiss Chard, Spinach, Parsley, Cilantro, Curly Kale, Dinosaur Kale, Collard Greens, Red Russian Kale, Radishes, Hakurei Turnips and Beets.

  • Other Goodies Offered

    • Homemade Jam, Dried Peppers and Herbs.

  • From our Root Cellars

    • Celeriac, Rutabagas, Leeks, Kossack Kohlrabi, Cabbage, Garlic, Onions, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Sunchokes, Popcorn, Winter Squash and Brussels Sprouts.


How it works

Farmers market style distribution. Winter items are offered in Standard Share amounts e.g. "Take 1 bunch" or "Take 1 box"

  • Amounts of root-cellar crops are finite.

  • We intend to offer a fresh green every distribution but, if temps drop too low for too long we may choose to forego our fresh options for awhile.

  • No "splitting" a share but, they can be purchased in duplicate.

January CSA Share: 2017

January CSA Share: 2017

Add-Ons for Winter

Egg Shares from Titus Farms

Our eggs are freshly laid from our own on-farm chickens. In the winter, they're primarily fed our non-GMO grain and weeds taken from the hoophouse. Just as in the summer, cleaned eggs are distributed by the dozen in unmarked, recycled packages.

  • $4.25 per dozen

  • Any number of dozen(s) can be offered at each pick-up, just tell us how many you'd like!

Meat Chickens from Titus Farms

Happy chickens are raised on our farm and fed locally sourced, non-GMO grain and veggie scraps from the farm. Distributed FROZEN without innards, feathers and in a vacuum sealed bag. Roughly 3-6lb each.

  • $15.00 each

  • Can be purchased in multiples per distribution or month.

  • Great for those with little/tight freezer space who still want a healthy chicken

Coffee Beans from Rust Belt Roastery

Organic whole-bean coffee is roasted in Lansing with a wood-fired roaster. Beans are responsibly sourced through a Fair Trade organization. Smooth and lightly smoky.

  • Dark and medium roasts will be offered

  • $16 per 1lb bag

  • Get the caffeine fix every distribution or, once a month

Handcrafted Soap Shares by Autumn's Harvest

All soaps are made from plant based organic/sustainably harvested base oils, essential oils, if scented, and natural colorants and other ingredients, if used. Example smells include: Rosemary/Mint, Oatmeal/Milk/Honey Bar, Pomander (orange/clove) and Medieval Spice. 

  • $38.16 for 6 bars, once a month

  • You choose your scent each month in person

  • Natural scents and colors with beautiful lather and moisture.

  • Members receive a discounts on Autumn's Harvest's webstore

Made in Okemos by a wonderful CSA member!

Selected Items from Titus Farms

Exclusive to Winter CSA Members!!! We will have lots available on the web store including:

  • Spring and Fall Honey from Papa Paul

  • Homemade Jam from Rose Titus

  • Bacon, bratwurst and other select cuts from Justin's pastured pigs

Payment Options for Winter

  • Cash or Check Options

    • Please send in payment within 10 business days of filling out the online form or by November 10 (whichever comes first) to secure your spot.

    • Pay in Full or Half Payments

      • Half payments are due at sign-up and on/by January.

      • First check must be for 50% or more of the total owed.

    • Send payment to:

      • Titus Farms, 3765 Meridian Rd. Leslie, MI 49251

      • Please make check payable to Titus Farms