Summer Shares 2016

Delicious veggies and more weekly with our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)!  We're in Lansing, East Lansing, Mason or Okemos with our Summer or Winter CSA sessions.

Summer Shares


Veggie Shares 

mid-June thru October

Large Share $600 - 19 consecutive weeks of vegetables, fruit and herbs grown on our farm, supplying enough for larger, moderate/heavy veggie eating families. (Approximately $32/week).

Standard $325 - Providing enough for smaller or busy families or those that eat veggies less often, for 19 consecutive weeks. Our most popular share. It’s also great for those who want to supplement their gardens.   (Approximately $17/week).

Every-Other-Week $190 - A Standard share distributed on alternating weeks, 10 weeks total, beginning the first week of CSA. Great for single people or those wanting to try out the CSA experience.         ($19 per week).

A Veggie Share is required to be a member of the CSA.

Add-On Shares


Share Options

1+ dozen per week for 19 weeks or on alternating weeks (10 weeks).

CSA Price: $4.25/dozen

Titus Farms Egg Shares

Our happy hens are free-range, pastured at our farm and given lots of veggies. No hormones or antibiotics! 

We raise Isa Brown hens, giving us bountiful brown eggs that we distribute by the dozen, cleaned, but unsized (usually a mix of medium and large).


Fruit Shares from The Country Mill

The Country Mill provides these delicious seasonal selections from their family farm in Charlotte. They also offer lots of lots of on-farm fun! 

*Not recommended for Every-Other-Week Shares as they run consecutive weeks.*

Conventional Apple Share: $55

Includes 8‏ consecutive weeks of conventionally grown apples. 1-2 varieties per week, amounting to between 7 to 15 apples or, about 2 quarts worth. 

Organic Apple Share: $67

Includes Certified Organic apples from Country Mill for 8 consecutive weeks, late-August through mid-October. Typically, the share consists of between 1-2 varieties per week and about 8 to 10 apples.

Blueberry/Peach Share: $20

3-4 consecutive weeks of conventionally raised blueberries and/or peaches when in season (late July-August). 1-2 quart containers per applicable week. Peaches are somewhat tricky so, this share is often heavy on blueberries. For those that want to can/preserve, we recommend buying 2-3 shares. 


Chicken: $16 each

Chicken Every Week: $304
19 weeks with Veggie Share

Every-Other-Week: $160
On alternating weeks, starting with the first week, 10 weeks total.

Meat Chicken Shares

Spartan Country Meats provides these chickens to the CSA, raised without antibiotics or hormones and given access to fresh air and sunshine. You will receive a fresh, whole, packaged and dressed chicken (no feathers or innards, just like in the grocery store) each weighing approximately 4 pounds.

Local Cheese Shares

Grassfields Cheese of Coopersville provides a selection of certified organic cow cheeses from 100% grass-fed, raw milk.


Monthly Cheese

  • Try it out! 1/2 pound of cheese once a month (5 shares): $45

 Up to nine flavors will be offered: 

  • Gouda: young and flavorful
  • Garlic 'n Onion
  • Country Dill
  • Leyden: a hint of cumin
  • Chili Cheese: a mild heat
  • Edam: great for melting
  • Lamont Cheddar: rare w/ a natural rind
  • Polkton Corners: soft, super creamy
  • Fait Gras: Triple Cream cheddar
1/2 pound Shares
  • Every week (19 weeks): $175
  • Every-other-week (10 weeks): $95
1/4 pound Shares
  • Every week (19 weeks): $90
  • Every other week (10 weeks): $49


Distributed in 1 pound bags. $16/bag

One per week for 19 weeks: $304

One bag every-other-week (10 weeks): $160

One bag of coffee a month. 5 deliveries distributed mid-month: $80

Coffee Shares  

Organic whole-bean coffee is roasted in Lansing with a wood-fired roaster. Beans are responsibly sourced through Fair Trade organizations or, directly from the farmer. Dark and medium roasts will be offered.