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Payment is explained below.

Please remember all of your dollars go to the farm, if you pay with a check.


✔︎ You love to cook or love learning about cooking and experimenting in the kitchen.

✔︎ You value the taste of fresh, great-quality ingredients.

✔︎ You consider yourself a foodie (or you don't hate the idea of becoming one).

✔︎ Local is important to you. You want to know where your food comes from and who grows it. You want to support local businesses. 

✔︎ You don't compare our veggies to the ones from the grocery store. We can't compete on price but, we can for flavor, freshness and quality. 

✔︎ You want to be encouraged to try new foods.



What Sets Titus Farms Apart?

  • Our Farmers Market Style Distribution: you choose the veggies you take home out of a larger group.

  • Private Facebook group for a community of people to help with coaching, recipes and eating better.

  • One-stop-shopping with add-ons including bread, coffee, fruit and more!


What Happens if you can't make it to a Pick-up? Easy!

Just let us know via email or use our online system.

You have lots of options!


What Comes with a Basic Membership?

The benefits of joining our CSA, no matter what level:

  • a 19 week Seasonal eating experience

  • Face-to-Face contact with Your Farmer

  • Sustainable vegetables and fruit from Titus Farms

  • Recipes, newsletters, blog posts and access to a private Facebook page to help you learn

  • Options to Add-On eggs, coffee, chicken, pork and more!

  • Access to our webstore, where you can purchase our surplus below farmers market prices.

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Payment Options

   We accept Checks, Credit Cards and Paypal

**Payments via Credit Card or PayPal must be in full**

Check Options:

  • Full payments

  • 2 Payments: 50% due 10 days after Signup and the next on/before July 1

  • 4 Payments: 25% due 10 days after signup and then, May 1, June 1 and July 1

Please remember that ALL of your payment goes toward the farm/our partners when you pay with a check. 

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