Pork Shares

Locally sourced pork from a sustainable farm.

Pork Shares

Harvested mid-October

What to Expect

When you buy a pork share, you will receive a mix of cuts, including pork chops, ham, bacon, ribs, hocks, shoulder roasts and ground pork.

Your pig can be processed to fit your needs. Pigs will vary in size and you can let us know a range, if you have a preference.

Our pigs will vary in size but, they will average 180lbs. hanging weight. After cutting, you will receive about 70% of the hanging weight or about 125 lbs. of familiar grocery-store-like cuts.

That extra loss of weight is because of a few things: A small amount is because the animal "hangs" for awhile and water is lost due to evaporation. The majority is lost to those odd cuts: bones, skin, tail, trotters (feet) and head. Upon special request, we'll save as much of that as the butcher allows and let you know if there's any extra charge.

An example of what you might get from a whole pig:

  • 24 chops (approx 1lb each)
  • 10-15 lb. Bacon
  • 2 Hams (7-9lb each)
  • 8 Ham Steaks (2lb. each)
  • 2 Spare Ribs ( approx. 6lb total)
  • 15lb. Ground Pork (can be made into brats, breakfast sausage, chorizo etc.)
  • 4 Bone-In Boston Butts (3-5lb each)
  • 4 Country Ribs (1-2lb each)

All pork will be frozen and most cuts vacuum sealed. Assume 3-4 cubic feet of freezer space for a whole pig. As a reference, a milk crate is one cubic foot.

Our pigs will be processed at Graham's Organics near Rosebush. They offer "all natural" curing (without chemical nitrates) and processed products (brats, chorizo etc.) without MSG. All curing/smoking or any additional processing is an extra charge.

Flavors of Brats: Regular, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Chorizo. Breakfast Sausage: links, bulk or patties.

For a little more information about pork cuts, see Sugar Mtn Farm's Website (the unofficial farmer's guide).

    About Our Practices

    We purchase our Gloucestershire Old Spot mix piglets from Hi-Lo Acres/the Keilen family near Portland, MI. The Keilen family also raises organic pigs and produces organic animal feed.

    We have almost an acre of pasture for them to roam on. This means that the pigs get to do what they do naturally, wallow in the mud and dig in the dirt and when conditions are too hot or uncomfortable, they have an old dairy barn to retreat to with a big bed of straw inside.

    Our pigs have the ability to forage on their pasture and also be fed a Non-GMO transitional feed from the Keilen family. The feed is not yet certified organic but, produced using organic methods.

      The pigs will also get a lot of vegetables from Titus Farms that don't make the cut for your table or are leftover from CSA harvests. So...

      Eat your vegetables or the pigs will!

      Our Philosophy:

      No Hormones or Steroids

      No Antibiotics



      Half Pig: *$4.25/lb hanging weight with a $50 deposit

      Whole Pig: *$4.00/lb hanging weight with a $100 deposit

      *For basic processing. Smoking/curing and brats, breakfast sausage etc. is extra.

      Once the deposit is made, you've reserved your pig for the upcoming season! When the pig is ready in October, we'll schedule a call or meeting to go over the "cut sheet" (the order we give to the butcher) so you get exactly what you want.

      Then, your total cost is based on the final hanging weight plus any extra processing of the pig.  Justin or Rebecca will email you with an invoice before delivery. Please have a check or cash ready when we deliver to your home in the weeks following.

      To reserve a pig please select the option when signing up for CSA. If you will not be a member of the CSA and would still like to reserve a pig, please email Rebecca (rebecca at titusfarms dot com) by April 15.

      We are limited to 10 pigs this season!

      Example Pricing

      • For a Whole Hog
        • Assuming 180 pound hanging weight
        • Whole Hog Pricing = $4.00/lb
          • 180 x $4/lb= $720
        • Extras:
          • All Natural Curing= $1.00/lb
          • Brat flavoring/sausage=$1.75/lb
        • Assuming 15lb. cured bacon, 2 cured hams and 10lb. of brats or breakfast sausage: $50 extra

      Total Paid including Deposit =$770

      • Total yield: 125lb so, the actual value of the cuts received is $770/125lb= $6.16/lb

      We recommend splitting a pig with a friend for the best value! Just make sure you agree on how to cut it/smoke it.