Please read and consider the policies that help CSA run smoothly!

You will be / have been asked to agree to these farm policies during CSA sign-up and by joining CSA have thus agreed to them.

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CSA Philosophy

Community Supported Agriculture is a partnership between consumers and farmers. The philosophy is one of mutual support, respect and sharing of the risks and benefits of food production. By joining, you, as a "member" receive a portion of the vegetables, fruit and herbs grown at Titus Farms.


For the Farmers: The money that you pledge to us, allows us to invest in seeds, soil and labor that are incurred in the spring, when working capital is hard to find. Your support is what allows us to do what we love and feed our community. We don't make a lot of money farming but, we live a simple, grateful life.

For You: the Consumer, Supporter, Friend: You receive what we have seasonally available on our farm in allotted amounts, reflective of their value. We try our darnedest to distribute an array of great quality vegetables at a great value, based on our harvest and thus, the weather. We grow the veggies and we only ask that you read and follow our CSA policy. You can always ask questions along the way and we hope that you take a chance to get to know the people that are growing your food by doing so!




How our CSA Works

Traditionally, CSAs have their members take a box of pre-packed vegetables, filled with whatever the farm has in abundance. While this option provides for a faster pick-up, members lose the ability to choose. Instead, we decided to have a Farmers Market style distribution. This system lets members to choose the vegetables they’d like to take home, out of a seasonal assortment, within reason. Here's the gist of our CSA process:

Show up to your site on time, bringing a bag and sense of adventure!


  1. Check in with the Farmer in Charge by telling us your last name.

  2. Look for the big board telling you how many "items" in total to take.

  3. Each type of veggie (an "item") has a sign telling you how many pieces of that veggie you can take.

  4. Pick out the veggies you want and take only what you're allotted for your share size.

  5. Done! Go home and enjoy your freshly harvested vegetables!

 DO NOT TAKE EVERYTHING ON THE TABLE. Taking too much means you're taking from another family.

Members are asked not to split their shares or, if you do, it must be done off-site. We, Titus Farms, is not responsible for any arrangements made between you and your share partner, the shares are not designed to be split.

Please tell us about any issues with quality while at CSA.




All sales are final.


For Titus Farms CSA Shares and before receiving your first distrubution: After signing up for a CSA share, even if initial payment is not given within 10 days, it is still expected that the member wishes to partake in the CSA until notice is given. That is to say, if you signed up for a share and wish to no longer partake, you will still be expected to pay for your share. Your spot is valuable so, only order a CSA share if you're sure. Please email us if you think you can find a replacement person for your share or, to discuss this matter further. We will consider your membership on a case-by-case basis. Fees we, Titus Farms, incurred for credit card or PayPal transactions will not be refunded, under any circumstances.

For Titus Farms CSA Shares and after CSA Session has started: All sales are final. Please notify us and we may be able to sell your share to someone else. We will consider your membership on a case-by-case basis.

Add-On Shares: Sales are final. These shares are absolutely non-refundable but, please see the Add-on Policy section below for more details.

For Member Store Items: All sales are final. Credit card/Paypal payment must be in full to receive any items from our store. Cash/check will be accepted upon receipt. All items are subject to availability and we reserve the right to cancel your order (and hope to fulfill it later, if the situation allows).




Signing up for a share reserves that share, while payment confirms your membership. Payment must be made in full by July 1 of the current season for Summer Shares and January 1 of the current season for Winter Shares. Cash, check, credit card or Paypal are accepted. If you have chosen an autorenewal option, you may be automatically charged on a predetermined date.

If payment is not rendered in a timely manner, we will probably assume you don't want your share. Bummer. Please let us know if that is the case so we can figure out what to do.

We, Titus Farms, do not store any of your personal financial information on our website. Our order site is run by Farmigo and your information is stored securely by and Paypal, respectively.



Changing Pick-Up Sites

You are required to choose one CSA site and are expected to stay at that site for the duration of the CSA.

Before the start of CSA, please email us (csa at to switch your site or, log onto your account to do so. Sites/times will be finalized in June of the upcoming season for Summer Shares and November for Winter Shares.

After CSA has begun: we prefer you stay at one site for all of CSA but, you can switch it as little as 2 days before distribution online. We ask that you only do this 2-3 times a year but, if you can make it to another site, we're happy to have you switch!




Newsletters/Email: We send out a newsletter the week you are expected to pick up your share. It behooves you to read these communications to be a better informed member but, you are welcome to unsubscribe at any time. If you choose to unsubscribe, you may miss important information about add-on shares, or unexpected site changes. Only weekly newsletters are available on the website.

Add us to your contact list and check your promotions or junk folder if you haven't received communication from us after signing up for a share.

We will use email to communicate important changes in policy, distribution locations, time changes or farm-related emergencies on our part. 

Please email me if you need to be added to the Private Facebook group too.

It is your responsibility to stay informed about CSA by reading newsletters, payment reminder email and all other communication. Please be sure to include your name and CSA site in your emails to us.



Missed Shares and Vacations

It is your responsibility to make arrangements for any missed shares and to redeem your make-up share in the time allowed.

If you know you'll be gone ahead of time, here are your options (see emergencies otherwise, below):

  1. Find a friend to pick up the share for you, the person just has to tell us your last name and we'll explain everything. It often helps to explain the process to them a little as well.

  2. Switch to another site that week, if you can make it earlier/later.

  3. Put your Share on Hold and receive a Make Up Share

About Make Up Shares

  • The make-up share(s) must be picked up within 2 weeks of the missed share, either before or after.

  • A Delivery Hold must be placed through your account at least 4 days before the missed pickup.

  • You'll receive a confirmation email once we see your request come through. Then, just tell us what day you'd like to pick up the makeup share (at least 4 days before).

  • Only 3 Make-Up Shares are allowed per season.

A make-up share entitles you to the same amount of items from the week you missed.

  • If you pick up on alternating weeks, you can pick-up on an off week or receive your extra veggies on a normal week.

  • It is your responsibility to follow up with the hold.

How to Place a Delivery Hold

  • Go to Delivery hold in your Account

  • Enter the date you'll be gone in the "From" box (make sure it's on or before your CSA day).

  • Enter the date you'll return in the "To" box.

    • If the "To" date includes your next CSA, that share will also be held.

  • SAVE your changes.

  • You should receive an email from us. Please follow the instructions in that email and let us know when you'd like to do the makeup share.

  • To confirm the date of your next delivery, check the "Next Distribution Date" in the green Summary box in your account and your "Delivery Hold Updated" email.

For Emergencies

Contact us as soon as possible after you've missed us and we’ll arrange for an alternative pick-up, if you like. This alternative pick-up will count as a Make-Up Share. You may receive a double share, or pick up your share at another distribution site or farmers market. We can't guarantee that you'll receive the same items as at CSA but, we'll do our best to make sure your fridge is full!




Late Pick-Ups

Ooooh, this one is a toughie! Approximately 15 minutes before the end of CSA, you should receive a text from us. 

If you can still make it, but you'll be more than 10 minutes after CSA has technically closed, we may pack a share for you to pick up when you arrive. But, it's your responsibility to communicate that you're on your way.

If you will be 10+ minutes late, please consider that a missed share and let us know you can't make it




Add-On Shares from Titus Farms (TF) are often, but not always, those shares that are contracted from other farmers. Add-Ons are sourced from other producers that we trust and love to support.

You can add-on many of these shares the Sunday before your CSA day! Log onto your account to see your options.

 But, we cannot personally control the quality of these products. If you have any issues with any of these shares, please let us know as soon as possible. By signing up for these shares from other producers, you agree to hold harmless Titus Farms and its employees for any product defect.

Each farm/type of share has a different agreement with TF. In rare circumstances, we may refund your money for add-on shares if we feel their service was improperly rendered and the financial burden to our farm is zero.



Adding Items to your Order

Items can be added to your weekly/bi-weekly order with us in our online farmstore. Each item will may have a different requirement based on the source. Generally, things grown at Titus Farms can be added to your share as little as 24 before your pick up. Add-On Shares must be purchased at least 4 days before your next pickup.



Privacy Policy

We do not sell, rent or give our customer information to anyone, ever.