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Bread, Cheese, Eggs and More



Choose from Customized Boxes or our Traditional Farmers Market Style.

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  • A full season of fresh and great-tasting and sustainably-grown vegetables.

  • Access to the private TF Facebook group — A community of Titus Farms' foodies all eating the same food each week, and supporting each other in the process.

  • A wide variety of veggies with our unique Farmers Market Style Distribution, ensuring you can take home a little bit of the familiar and a little bit of the experimental. You may find your new favorite veggie.

  • Weekly newsletters plus, blog posts, recipes and storage guides. We want you to use the veggies we worked hard to grow.

  • You’re supporting a local business — You can know that 100% of your dollars are going right to our family to support us and those that work to bring you local, healthy food.

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Titus Farms is the first to offer customized . It's like an online farmers market. You pick it, we pack it and deliver it.


mid-June thru mid-October

Large Share $600 - 19 consecutive weeks of vegetables, fruit and herbs grown on our family farm, supplying enough for larger, moderate/heavy veggie eating families. (Approx. $32/week)

Standard $325- Providing enough for smaller or busy families or those that eat veggies less often, for 19 consecutive weeks. Our most popular share. It’s also great if you simply want to supplement your garden. (Approx. $17.10 per week)

Every-Other-Week $190 - A Standard Share distributed on alternating weeks, 10 weeks total, beginning the first week of CSA. Great for singles or if you're wanting to try out the CSA experience. ($19 per week)

All Shares include the Following Benefits:

October Share 2016 Photo Credit K. Terry

October Share 2016 Photo Credit K. Terry


Winter Shares