If you have a Weekly Distribution of vegetables, eggs, coffee or more

you pick up: XX


If you have an Every-Other-Week (EOW) Distributions of eggs, bread, coffee, vegetables, you start the first week and alternate weeks from then on.


If you have a Monthly Share the dates are: 

June 12/13/14           July 10/11/12          August 7/8/9          September 4/5/6          October 2/3/4


- Chicken Shares begin in July and are distributed monthly: 

July 10/11/12          August 7/8/9          September 4/5/6          October 2/3/4

- Pork Shares are distributed after Summer CSA Ends -


Confused? Yeah, it can be kind of daunting...

screenshot of summary.png

Remember, you can always log onto your Account Here. And on the right side, either click on Summary or, scroll right to see the little green box.

That Summary box will let you know the next time you pick up.


Summer Locations

Okemos • Tuesdays

Meridian Twp Central Park Pavilion

anytime from 4:00-6:15pm

We're in the pavilion that hosts the Wed/Sat. Meridian Twp. Farmers Market. There are bathrooms, a playground and ample parking.



Lansing • Thursdays

Allen Neighborhood Center

anytime from 4:00-6:00

Enter from Kalamazoo or Shepard St, it is just south of Michigan Avenue. We are INSIDE THE BUILDING. Enter on the north side of the building (we'll have signs out).


East Lansing • Wednesdays

Valley Court Park

anytime from 3:30-6:15

Enter from Grand River or Evergreen Avenue. We are just behind Crunchy's/the People's Church.

Find us under the shade shelter used for performers at the market. There's a playground within shouting distance too!


Mason • Thursdays

a Member's Home near the Old Courthouse

anytime from 4:00-6:00

Find Rose inside garage area to the south of a member's home. This is a residential area with limited parking and lots of kids around so, please use caution.


Sites are Subject to Change Based on Membership or Construction