What is CSA?

Discover how you can receive fresh veggies from a local farm!

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

What is CSA?

CSA is like having a subscription to what our farm produces. Purchasing a "share" in our farm allows you to pick up an allotment of fresh, local, sustainably grown fruits and veggies throughout the season.

Why Buy a Share from Titus Farms?

  • We've got style. Titus Farms CSA is a farmers-market-style distribution, which allows you to choose what you receive throughout the season.

  • You Eat Well. Joining Titus Farms CSA fills your fridge with fresh veggies and, as a result, you tend to eat more healthfully. But, they're not just any veggies; really, really, really fresh ones that have more of their original nutritional value and taste better.

  • Know your Farmers, know your Food. Connect with the people and families that grow the food you eat. In doing so, you're supporting local families and the local food economy.

  • Add-On Shares. We've done the legwork to bring you some of the coolest farm products around. You can receive local eggs, meat, bread and coffee along with your veggies.

We offer Summer and Winter Veggie Shares as well as Michigan sourced Add-On Shares such as bread, coffee, fruit and more!

Click on a link to learn more about each of these options.

Photo Credit K. Terry

Photo Credit K. Terry