CSA is like having a subscription to whatever a farm produces. Purchasing a "share" in our farm allows you to pick up an allotment of fresh, local, sustainably grown fruits and veggies throughout the Summer or Winter season to stuff your fridge and feed your family well!

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Why Buy a Share from Titus Farms?

  • You Choose! We offer a farmers-market-style distribution, which allows YOU to CHOOSE what you receive throughout the season within a few parameters.

  • You Eat Well. Joining Titus Farms CSA fills your fridge with fresh veggies and, as a result, you tend to eat more healthfully. But, they're not just any veggies; really, really, really fresh ones that have more of their original nutritional value and taste better.

  • Know your Farmers, know your Food. Connect with the people and families that grow the food you eat. In doing so, you're supporting local families and the local food economy.

  • All your Food in One Place. We've done the legwork to bring you some of the coolest farm products around. You can receive local eggs, meat, bread and coffee along with your veggies.

  • Our Webstore. If you don't want to commit to those add-ons like eggs or bread yet, no problem. You can buy any extras we have throughout the season on our webstore plus things like canning tomatoes or pesto making supplies.



Intrigued?  Good...



Let's Find Out if CSA is Right for You

We want you to have a great experience!

The reality is that CSA is not for everyone...

you shouldn’t feel bad if it’s not a match for you.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is a relationship with a farmer important to me? Do I want to support a farmer?

It's not just about getting veggies, it's about getting to know your farmer too. It's about seeing the face and shaking the hand that feeds you. We're both at the will of Mother Nature and we hope you have our back in this great adventure and learn a few things along the way.

But, this relationship goes both ways. A good CSA farmer works hard to learn your names make the “big CSA” feel like a small family. Or, plan events to get you engaging with the farm. A good CSA farmer should try to add value to your life, by teaching you about their food’s story, or how to prepare it.

Good farmers do things to help you succeed at eating their food. 

It doesn't mean you have to take advantage of these things but, when you do, the experience is richer and more fulfilling.

CSA is a relationship experience as much as a transaction.

  • Do I value vegetables that actually taste good?

Cardboard tomatoes... yuck! If you're a future CSAer, you know that feeling. Good cooking is about technique, yes but, it's also about really fresh and really awesome ingredients.

It starts with the ingredients.

The second quality of people who stick with our CSA is that they care about food. Real food. Food that it tastes like it was grown in rich soil, picked that morning and given to you that evening.

If you really love cooking, you will love being part of a CSA. Every dining experience feels like an event. 

If you're looking for the cheapest celery and carrots so you can make an iceberg salad, this is not your gig.

  • How many vegetables do I eat at a meal? Do I want to eat more veggies? Am I willing to try new vegetables?

Read: are you willing to try new things? Really? You're sure? 

You will discover new veggies you love and some you hate. Part of this CSA experience is getting exposed to new vegetables that you may have never seen before. 

Let's face the facts... you would never purposefully put that kohlrabi in your shopping basket right? (And if you would, you've found your tribe friend!) 

The greater goal of the CSA movement is to develop food diversity and teach communities, and the next geneartion, how to eat seasonally again. If you want to grow in the kitchen, you have to push yourself to try new things. 

You will become a creative cook, growing as a cook and a person. You will see things you've never seen before. We'll help you use them.

  • How often do I want to go to the farmers market this summer?

Farmers markets are great! Don't get me wrong... we love our market. But, are you really going to drag yourself out of bed every Saturday or Sunday morning and trek to the market? 

Our CSA customers come first, and most CSA farms operate that way too. You are the ones who support us through the hard months, from when the snow is flying, right up until tomatoes come in.

Plus, again, are you really going to try new things at the farmers market? Is that kohlrabi going to willingly land in your bag?

At CSA, you'll see veggies that were picked within 48 hours, just for you. You'll have time to stop and talk with us about them, use our resources and get all the info you need to feel comfy in the kitchen. Farmers markets can be busy and crowded and, while I think we have a pretty good selection at market... we save the best for CSA.

  • Do I want to grow a garden? Will it be successful? Or, are you looking for a "deal" compared to grocery prices?

We will never be able to compete for the price of food from your garden or, food from the grocery store.

People who fully embrace the CSA model, don't look at the membership as a "deal" or "bargain."

Supporting a CSA financially  is not just about doing a cost analysis of each vegetable you receive and comparing it to what you’d pay at Meijer.

Our vegetables have added value because every one of our vegetables is telling a story. Not just the story of how the food was raised, how it was harvested or, what struggles it faced to come to your plate.

Every vegetable is also telling YOUR ever unfolding story. They tell your journey with food.

They are the stars in your quest to master your kitchen space and prepare a delicious meal to rival any restaurant — a meal you can be proud of.

This is not something any grocery store can give you.

CSA customers appreciate this added value of our product, and are willing to pay a premium for it.

So if you’re saying to yourself, “Well that’s more than we’d pay at _____” ... you may want to put the brakes on. Sorry not sorry.


How'd you do?

 Remember this is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time to see results from eating the CSA-way and takes time to adjust your eating habits.

But, folks... it may change the way you eat forever.

Still, there's no shame in passing on CSA and buying from a farmers market... and heck it's better for some people! We do both CSA and Farmers markets and both are the right fit for different people.

We just want it to be the right fit.

As in all things in life, expectations determine experience. To set you up for CSA success, make sure your expectations fit the philosophy.

Here are some resources for the next steps: