After 10+ years of CSA Farming and Eating...

We've listened and learned along with you in the kitchen.

We hope these tools help you make the most of your veggies and CSA!

Full disclosure: we are an affiliate for Amazon, so if you want to order one of these items, we’d sure appreciate it if you did so using one of these links. (We’ll make a super small commission, and it’s a very simple way to support your local farmer.)


Basic CSA Tools List



An essential tool for washing and drying greens and salads efficiently. Our family favorite is the OXO brand. We leave their lettuce stored right in the spinner in the fridge.



There are unlimited possibilities, these are a great storage tool for not only meal prep, but if you’re going to learn can veggies, or learn how to ferment, you’ll need these.

The wide-mouth size are a must- it's so much easier to pack!. If you can only get one size, get the quarts. They are the most versatile.

We love ours for overnight oats for two and Mason jar salads!



While we REALLY HATE using plastic in our household, it comes in handy for freezing many items.

You may end up freezing a LOT of your food for the winter. If nothing else, take all your scraps and throw them into a bag labeled: stock. Then, in the cold months of winter, let them slow simmer for a great vegetable stock.

Did you know you can freeze peppers and tomatoes? Just pop them in the labeled bag and into the freezer.



Great for wrapping up leftovers or half-used onions, tomatoes or avocados.

Or, use for covering that random awkward bowl without using plastic.

You can also purchase these locally from the occasional craft vendor at farmers markets!



Large glass storage or prep bowls with lids are a lifesaver.

These are good for storing a large amount of prepped veggies or dinner leftovers. Make sure to get several sizes no matter who you buy from.



A Sheet Pan meal is a great way to use all those veggies at the end of a week. Just throw your entire meal (meat, veggie, starch) onto one sheet pan, and prep a meal in about 30 minutes.

The sheet pan should have a lip and be large enough to handle large portions of food. We love these because they don't warp and are pretty sturdy in our kitchen.

The sheet pan also comes in handy to help you freeze berries individually.

These are super dreamy… made in the USA and they don’t warp!



Great for throwing your veggies in at CSA! These bags are washable and are labeled with a tare weight.

There are lots of options out there but, we ultimately chose these because of the color coded top, that made the sizes of the bags more obvious.