[2018 CSA]: Week 1!

Around the Farm

Each week you pick up, we'll try to keep you updated about what's happening around our farm and how each of the crops is fairing. You'll also find a few stories about certain crops, pests or the people who tend to your food, as well as introductions to new or weird crops. We hope you find it informative and entertaining!

Currently, we're battling against warm temperatures to preserve the lettuce harvest (lettuce hates warm weather) and picking strawberries like mad before the rain tonight. Strawberries are a favorite crop but, also one we sometimes loathe. They ripen quickly in the heat, giving a super short "harvest window" and mold/decay at pretty high rates with heat or rain too.

The current combo of rain and heat can hopefully continue (with maybe a little less heat) as vegetables, on average, are said to need 1" of rain per week! Obviously, some crops are needier than others but, if we receive a little rain and have warm days/nights, a great deal of crops will be coming your way more quickly.

Coming Soon

Beets w/tops


The Menu

Please Choose 5 (this number will grow too)

This menu is our educated guess for each distribution. We like to have a few surprises up our sleeve as well ;)  It's also a little more difficult in the early season when things are not as abundant and apparently, the weather is more unpredictable.

  • Green Garlic

  • An immature garlic bulb. Think of how to use leeks: use the white and light green portion (and any portion of the green that is tender) wherever you use garlic.

  • Popcorn

    • Grown last year, harvested in October and then dried for consumption in the winter/spring. Remove from the cob and pop just like store-bought for the greatest efficacy (and lowest risk of fire). Or, try it on the cob!

  • Cooking Greens

    • Probably 2-3 kinds to choose from:

      • Dinosaur/Lacinato Kale

      • Green Curly Kale

      • Red Russian Kale

      • Collard Greens

  • Lettuce Mix

    • Our mild lettuces with a little mizuna, nothing spicy or too weird.

  • Fresh Herbs

    • These are always labeled "Fill a baggie," meaning, you are usually allowed to mix and match types. We only ask that you only take what you think you can use in a week.

    • We'll have:  Sage, Oregano and Mint.

  • Strawberries!

  • Basil

    • We grow a few different kinds but, this will be the Italian Genovese.

    • Keep it out of the fridge!

Maybe List

In this section, we'll feature items we hope to have enough of but, aren't particularly sure about.

  • Greenhouse Cucumbers

  • Rutabagas or Beets (from storage last year!)

Recipe Ideas: Green Garlic

We love their garlicky-goodness wherever we can, in place of regular garlic, to hold us over until the bulb is in season and/or scapes are rolling in.

  • Not a greens fan? Garlic and pasta are made for each other... try this Spaghetti with Green Garlic and Olive Oil.

  • Or, use them in a salad dressing for that lettuce mix! We found this recipe on a fellow farmer's site but, if you've made vinegarettes before, just make your favorite combo and add the green garlic, finely chopped.