[CSA]: Week 11 of 19

Honey from our farm is available on the webstore plus...

We're taking orders for Bulk Tomatoes!

To get on the list and help us plan, please either email Rebecca with dates or, fill out this form.

What's the deal with bulk tomatoes?  These are "canning quality" or, "second" tomatoes, sold in large quantities for canning, freezing, dehydrating or whatever! They are uglier, often with bruises, cracks or spots, and they also tend to be pretty darn ripe. We try to avoid anything oozing or moldy ones but, you don't want these tomatoes sitting around too long or it's bound to happen.

Types Regular: the classic red tomato, variable in size. San Marzano Roma: great for sauces or drying Heirloom: our multi-colored heirlooms with a little too many splits or spots for table-use.

Prices/Size Offered in 1/2 bushel increments. Each 1/2 bushel box is approx. 25 pounds. Assume some loss too (if you're following a recipe).

Regular: $15 per 1/2 bushel San Marzano: $18 per 1/2 bushel Heirloom: $25 per 1/2 bushel

How to Buy? Fill out this form to let us know you're interested

We will email or text you the day-of to make sure you're ready. If not, we'll move down to the next person on the list and try to get you next time. No worries, we hope to fill all orders by October.

In order to keep costs the same, we will only be accepting cash or check at CSA, the day you receive the order.


Around the Farm

We've been rushing around like crazy, getting things ready for fall planting, weeding and the construction of a new hoophouse, all of this in-between harvesting for CSA, of course.

2018 has been more than a little disappointing but, we find it best not to dwell on what we should have done and instead, look to a new year. Still, taking note of the things gone wrong this year is the only way to change our farm for the better. Sadly, it's becoming clear that as my parents slow, simply from the march of time, we'll need more people to do a variety of tasks. I have hope that the future will be bright but, staring at failed corn and string bean plantings make it harder to peer through the haze of doubts.

Maggie (our dog), Rose and Paul (my parents) and all the kitties (Ned, Gretta, Hugh and Jon) are all doing marvelously so, I cannot complain. We have a sufficient amount of field-hands for the work that needs doing and friends that help the time pass too quickly.

As you might be able to tell, planning has already started for next year so, hold onto your hats!

What's to Come? More tomatoes! Fall Broccoli More onions, shallots and leeks!  

 The Menu

Please Choose 7

  • Tomatoes!

    • Cherry and/or regular red plus a few heirloom.

  • Garlic

  • Shallots!

    • We've had a great harvest of copper and red shallots.

    • They have a gentle onion flavor.

  • Basil

  • White or Red Onions

  • 'Sugar Cube' Muskmelons, Watermelons or Piel de Sapo melons

  • Hot Peppers

    • Jalapeños, Serranos, Thai, Anaheim, Habaneros, Cayenne and more!

    • They are easy to freeze whole or chopped. Or, roast and freeze.

  • Fennel!

  • Green (Unripe) Sweet Peppers

    • some are starting to ripen to red, orange or yellow!

  • Eggplant!

    • Mini, Long-skinny or Italian

  • Rainbow Chard

    • Our second planting has come in and going strong!

  • Fresh Herbs

    • Parsley, sage, thyme, oregano, mint and more!

Maybe List

  • Tomatillos

  • Zucchini/Summer Squash/ Patti Pans

  • Cabbage

Recipe Ideas: Eggplant

Eggplant is probably one of my favorite things to cook or, to eat. However, when it is underdone... it can be horrible!

Eggplant comes in many sizes and types: the mini eggplant is meant to be small and tends to be thinner skinned while the large, Italian eggplant, is great for slicing and frying.

We end up making a great deal of Eggplant Caviar to help use up tomatoes and eggplant during the season and even freezing it for a winter treat. 

Try this Eggplant Caviar recipe from Michael Symon. 

And of course, I cannot mention eggplant without mentioning ratatouille. Not just a movie... (although I was also recently informed that there's a cookbook that goes along with the Disney movie?) Ratatouille is not a fancy thing, rest assured... it's more of a peasant stew with lots of squash, peppers, eggplant and tomatoes cooked down together. Think of it more as an inspiration than recipe too, ratios are important but, feel free to substitute and play!

Here's a lovely version from Once Upon a Chef.

When eggplant is cooked, it should be silky smooth but, for some that might find it "mushy" here's an idea:

The flesh of eggplant also pulls into really nice strips. Recently, I came across this Pulled Eggplant BBQ recipe that replicates pulled pork. I'm always looking for vegetarian BBQ favorites so, we're going to give this a try!

Lastly, a recipe I tried when I was around 10... my first foray into wild eggplant experiments, submitted to the county fair as a 4-Her.

I attempted something like this pickled eggplant recipe and well... I wasn't ready for the technical challenges. But, I now l-o-v-e pickling the mini eggplant! Try it!

Try this PBS Food version of Pickled Eggplant.