[CSA]: Week 7

Around the Farm

Complaining about the weather is time-honored farmer tradition. Still, the lack of rain and massive wildfires in California really makes one think about the impact of climate change and how farming and farmers, must adapt to these changes.

I've been farming alongside my parents most of my life and sometimes, I feel reluctant to change the way we've historically done things. But, the weather/seasons are changing in unexpected ways and this season has opened our eyes to the need to build more resilient systems on the farm.

Granted, building systems is something I love to do but, to accomplish a more weather-independent farm, huge changes may have to come more quickly.

Watering on our farm was, historically, not done, since we had worked hard to build up soil organic matter, till in cover crops and compost, and plant a little extra for a small reduction in harvest, over considerable irrigation costs on land that we do not own. 

Sadly, when no considerable rain comes our way for over a month, (during a hot month already) there are just some crops that can't take it. We've definitely lost a fair share of crops this year to a combination of heat, dryness and increased critter pressure (which we think also due to heat).

So, we've been watering as much as we can, with limited infrastructure but, the toll has been financially and emotionally huge.

Which is why I can't say THANK YOU enough for choosing to support our local farm. Your support ensures that even though we've lost some crops, we won't lose our shirts or our farm. ❤️  Seeing you every week also inspires us to improve our farm, our systems and save for future irrigation improvements.

 The Menu

Please Choose 6

  • Garlic!

    • We're moving onto garlic-garlic: bulbs from the ground that have cured and are waiting to be taken home.

  • Cabbage

    • Pointy, small green, mini purple heads and Savoy!

  • Greens!

    • Dinosaur Kale

    • Scarlet or Green Curly Kale

    • Red Russian Kale

    • Rainbow Chard

  • Basil

  • Summer Squash/Zucchini/Golden Zucchini/Patti Pans

  • Salad Cucumbers

  • Fresh Herbs! 

    • Parsley, Oregano, Sage, Summer Savory.

  • Fresh Onions!

    • Smaller but, sweet and the tops can be used too!

    • Refrigerate these!

Maybe List

  • Beets

  • Sweet Peppers!

  • Hot Peppers

  • Fennel!

Recipe Ideas: Cabbage

Sometimes, it's a struggle to use cabbage within the week but, no fear, cabbage will keep in the fridge for weeks! Just remove the outer leaves that may be bad or chop off any sections that look dry.

So, if you've had a cabbage sitting in your fridge for a few weeks (says the gal who just made coleslaw from an "old" cabbage) here are some ideas:

Our rules to increase flavor of any veggie around hereGrill it or roast it!

You can grill cabbage? Yes, sirrah.


I don't usually top grilled cabbage with bacon but, instead, a vinegarette close to the following recipe. Any way you do it... grilling cabbage makes it smoky and delicious.

Try this Grilled Cabbage Recipe from Bon Appetit.

Sick of plain coleslaw? Try Curtido! Okay- so- curtido is a completely different beast, as it is a fermented cabbage slaw but, with only a three-day aging, it's good for any first-time fermenters.

Try this version of Curtido from NYT cooking.

You can also make an un-fermented quick version here (basically, Mexican-Style coleslaw).

Quick version of Curtido Here

When in doubt... turn it into a pancake! Okonomiyaki is a savory cabbage "pancake" of Japan.

It does seem to take a little finesse but, the exterior is crispy and lovely with a sweet cabbage-y goodness!

Get the Okonomiyaki recipe from Budget Bytes here.