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Whole Bean Coffee Shares

Organic whole-bean coffee is roasted in Lansing by Rust Belt Roastery with a wood-fired roaster. Beans are responsibly sourced through a Fair Trade organization. Smooth and lightly smoky.

Dark and Medium Roasts will be Offered.

Distributed in 1 pound, paper bags: $16.50/bag

One bag a week for 19 weeks: $313.50

One bag every-other-week (10 weeks): $165

One bag of coffee a month. 5 deliveries: $82.50

Offered Summer and Winter


Bread from Stone Circle Bakehouse

Owner, baker and extraordinary human, Kevin Cosgrove, is committed to producing delicious artisan bread that is gently mixed, slowly fermented, hand-shaped, and baked in a wood-fired oven, right in the heart of Michigan. 


Varieties Include: Toasted Seed, Eight Grain, Asiago Cheese, Country Sourdough, French Sourdough and more!

One freshly baked loaf of bread Every Week for 19 weeks: $107.64

One freshly baked loaf of bread Every-Other-Week (10 weeks total): $56.65


Egg Shares from Titus Farms

Free Range • No hormones • No antibiotics • GMO Free


Our happy hens are free-range, pastured at our farm and given lots of veggie scraps that aren't fit for your table.

Rose, our septuagenarian matriarch, raises Isa Brown hens right on the farm, giving us bountiful brown eggs that we distribute by the dozen, cleaned, but unsized (usually a mix of medium/large/extra-large).

Eggs can be purchased as a share, in duplicate or individual dozens can be purchased throughout the season, as supplies allow. 

CSA Price: $4.50/dozen

1 dozen every week: $85.50

1 dozen every-other-week: $45

3% Discount if Paying in Full by Check

Offered Summer and Winter


Honey and Jam from TF

About our Honey


Paul and Uncle Frank's (Rose's brother) sweetest hobby!

Sustainably maintained bees help bring more fruit to you so, we expanded to 5-8 hives on the farm.

About our Jam


Rose uses only the freshest and most delicious fruit for Titus Farms’ Jam. We offer 3 flavors: Raspberry, Strawberry and Blueberry. Each is made using traditional methods and only sugar, pectin and love.

Each of these can be purchased on our webstore and available and pick it up right at CSA.

  • Antibiotic and Hormone Free

  • Raised on Pasture with Room to Roam

  • Fed our Veggie Scraps and locally sourced Non-GMO feed

Full Pig: *$4.00/lb hanging weight with a $100 deposit

Half Pig Deposit: *$4.25/lb hanging weight with a $50 deposit

Deposits are made January-May

Pork is Harvested: late-October to November

Pork Shares

How it Works

By paying for a deposit, you are asking us to grow a pig for your family. When the pigs are taken to the butcher in mid-October, we'll let you know the "hanging weight."

You then pay based on the “hanging weight” of the animal, which is different from the final weight of pork cuts you will receive. All meat will be frozen.

Price per pound hanging weight includes basic processing and delivery to your home. *Smoking and extra processing (bratwursts, breakfast sausage, etc.) is an additional cost.

If you think you're interested, please click on the link below and we'll guide you through how this works. Including:

  • How much freezer space do I need?

  • What cuts will I receive?

  • What's the final cost look like?


Handcrafted Soap Shares


All soaps are made from plant based organic/sustainably harvested base oils, essential oils, if scented, and natural colorants and other ingredients, if used. Locally produced by our lovely CSA member, Autumn.


Example smells include: Rosemary & Mint, Oatmeal-Milk & Honey, Pomander (orange/clove), Lavender, and Medieval Spice.

Soap is offered at a discount to members compared to web store prices

One 4oz. bar of handmade soap per month June-October: 5 soaps total:

$32.75 (w/check discount: $31.77)

Soap Share members can choose from two options at distribution. This share can be purchased in duplicate too!


Meat Chicken Shares from Laetus Pullus Farm

Laetus Pullus Farm (Latin for Happy Chicken Farm) is a small scale farm in Perry, MI. They raise pastured chicken and turkey for sale as well as veggies and eggs


Chickens Are:

  • Antibiotic and Hormone Free

  • Rotationally Grazed on Fresh Grass

  • Fed Non-GMO/Organic Grain

  • Happy!


Laetus Pullus is also proud to be part of the Homegrown by Heroes program, the official farmer-veteran brand. The label serves to inform consumers that agricultural products donning the logo were produced by U.S. military veterans with a characterization of ‘Honorable’ or ‘General (Under Honorable Conditions)’ upon discharge.

About the Share

  • One fresh, whole chicken per month beginning in July.

    • No feathers or innards (just like in the grocery store), weighing approximately 4-5 pounds each.

  • 4 chickens total per season.

  • $20.50 per whole fresh chicken

    • 3% discount if paid in full by check: $20/chicken

Cost: $82/share

  • Shares may be purchased in duplicate to feed your family throughout the month.


Local Cheese Shares

Rusty and Mike make beautiful farmstead cheeses in Onondaga, Michigan, just south of Lansing. Rusty began making cheese as a hobby more than 45 years ago and in 1988, purchased a farm with partner Mike, where they created a goat dairy. About 13 different styles of cheeses are made from both goat and cow's milk from animals lovingly kept on-site.

cheese share.png

Both cow and goat cheeses will be offered, including:
-cheese curds
-Goat Cheddar

1/2 pound packages will be delivered alongside your veggies:

Every-Other-Week: $82.50

Monthly: $41.20


Mushroom Shares


Locally grown or foraged mushrooms from Mycophile's Garden in Grand Rapids.
Mycophile's Garden (Myco = Mushroom, Phile = lover)

Chris and friends grow a variety of mushrooms in an environmentally conscious way, utilizing recycled materials whenever possible.

Mushroom Share.png

A half pound sampling of 1-3 varieties on alternating weeks.

Types of mushrooms could include:

King Oyster
Lions Mane

Every-Other-Week: $87

Monthly: $43.50